Government Funding for Lung Cancer Research

The survival rates for all cancers are directly related to the amount of funding available for research into their early detection, treatments, and, potentially, cures. The survival rate for Breast, Prostate and Colon cancers have all increased dramatically as more Federal Funding has been made available to researchers focusing on these cancer sites.

Federal Funding by cancer site

The survival rate for lung cancer is 49% for cases detected when the disease is still localized; but, only 16% of lung cancers are diagnosed at this early stage. However, due to recent research, a new test has shown some promise in finding early lung cancers in some patients. With greater research funding, investigators may be able to expand on this hopeful study to increase the instances of early detection in lung cancer patients.

Federal Research Funding Dollars per Death

There is great need for research into early detection and treatments for lung cancer. Please help LCFA fund this research by donating to LCFA today.