The very best “boots on the ground” advocates to help lung cancer research are lung cancer survivors. But, the 5-year survival rate for lung cancer remains at 15% – almost the same as it was in 1971, the year Congress declared War on Cancer.

That’s why we need all of you. It is time for everyone touched by lung cancer to get involved and take action. We need your help to change the course of this disease.

The poor survival rate for lung cancer is a direct result of the lack of funding for lung cancer research. We can help change this by funding new, creative and innovative research.

With your involvement, we HOPE to fund grants for lung cancer RESEARCH that will give new LIFE to those suffering from this terrible disease.

Become a part of the solution – volunteer your efforts to raise funds for lung cancer research today!


LCFA has volunteers all across the nation, in every walk of life, lending their support in many creative ways. Hold a fundraising event in your neighborhood, your community, your city or your state. Whether it’s a walk or bake sale or golf tournament or whatever creative fundraiser you come up with, we will share your successes on this web site for others to see. Most importantly, you can know that money you raise will go toward funding lung cancer research.

Here are some ideas for raising funds for LCFA, but, please contact us with YOUR idea at:!



Whatever your fundraising idea is – we can set up a personal fundraising web page to handle your donations, let your friends and family members know what you’re doing in support of lung cancer research and advertise your fundraiser to the lung cancer community at large.

Please contact us for more information about setting up a Personal Fundraising Page at:



Host a LCFA “FriendRaiser” gathering at your home! This is different from a fundraiser in that you do not ask for a donation to attend. Invite your friends and have them invite THEIR friends to come learn about the #1 cancer killer — Lung Cancer — and to discover how they can help find a cure.

FriendRaisers start with good food and friendly conversation, followed by a short, informative, and often very moving, information session. At the end of the gathering, we encourage you to give folks a flyer (that we will supply) that allows attendees an opportunity to say how they might want to help. We’ve found some of our most enthusiastic and important volunteers and supporters this way. These great folks have helped with everything from marketing to writing holiday letters and from web design to finding others willing to host a similar event. We have also received unexpected donations at LCFA FriendRaisers, from smaller tokens of help to many thousands of dollars.

Please contact us for more information about how holding a FriendRaiser at:



Yoga is a great way to relieve stress – and a great way to raise funds for lung cancer research! Find a yoga studio in your area that will donate space and a teacher for a yoga class on a particular day. We’ll provide t-shirts for the teacher and hosts to wear at the yoga class. We’ll also provide brochures about LCFA for all participants. Ask for a $20.00 donation to LCFA as an admission price to attend the class. We’ll set up a personal fundraising page for you to track your donations and spread the word!

Please contact us for more information about holding a Namaste For Lung Cancer event at:



A Golf Tournament is a great way to raise funds for LCFA. Contact your favorite golf course and set up a tournament – Best Ball Scramble Format works well. You can also offer cash prizes for closest to the pin, longest drive and maybe even a hole in one prize!

LCFA will provide you with t-shirts for your golfers and publicity on this site. Please contact us for more information at:


Support Your Personal Best:

Do you run? Are you an avid cyclist? Love spin classes at your gym? Would you like to join a walkathon? Anything you do to challenge yourself physically can also help you raise funds for lung cancer research.

With our Personal Fundraising Pages (PFP), we can help you raise research funds while doing what you love. Our PFPs help you to easily build your own webpage and solicit donations and support for LCFA. The personal pages allow you to tell your story and share it with friends. Your friends sponsor you by donating funds to LCFA via the PFPs. Donations made on the pages go directly to LCFA, so fundraisers don’t have to collect money and then submit it to the organization.

LCFA will provide you with a t-shirt to wear on the big day! Ready to get started? Set up your own Personal Fundraising Page now!

For more information, please contact us at:


“Polish Off Lung Cancer” Event:

Host a “Polish Off Lung Cancer” booth! The “Polish Off Lung Cancer” booths work very much like a lemonade stand.  You set up a table and offer to polish nails for a set price.  Usually the tables work best if they are set up in an area where there will be a lot of foot traffic.  We’ve had successful “Polish Off” booths at marketplace style events, school or community fairs, even at football games!  LCFA will provide you with the polish, (a color made especially for us by manufacturer OPI and called “Breathe Life”) brochures explaining our foundation and our mission and t-shirts for you to wear while you polish away.  One trick we’ve learned is that men will allow their pinky fingernails to be polished.  Then, when they are asked about their unusual pinky fingernail, they can have a conversation about lung cancer and the need for research funding.

For more information, please contact us at:

“YOUR Idea” Event:

As a grass roots organization, LCFA has been very fortunate to have volunteers all over the United States organizing, participating in and hosting fundraising events with the common goal of raising funds for lung cancer research. When it comes to ideas for hosting a fundraiser, the sky really is the limit!  We encourage you to be creative!  

For more information, please contact us at: