Two FDA Approved Drugs Are Changing the Way People Are Living with Lung Cancer.

Each of these drugs is used as treatment for a specific mutation. For instance, if you have found out that you have a gene mutation that is called EGFR (epidermal growth factor receptor), you will be matched to a drug called TARCEVA.

If your mutation results show that you harbor a mutation called ALK, another FDA approved life changing drug is available to you called 


Since these drugs are both FDA approved, most insurance companies will cover them. However, if your insurance denies you coverage fear not. The makers of TARCEVA, GENENTECH have a program which covers all cost of the drug if your insurance denies you. Here is a link to help you obtain financial assistance with TARCEVA.

If your insurance denies you coverage for XALKORI, its manufacturer, PFIZER, has a similar program which will provide assistance.

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