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LCFA Media Center

Welcome to the Lung Cancer Foundation of America’s Media Center

Media Contact:
Rachel Schwartz
PR AdvantEDGE Inc.
(310) 990-2764

Press Kit:
Our online press kit provides basic information for media interested in the latest information about the Lung Cancer Foundation of America, including its history, mission, a fact sheet about lung cancer, a fact sheet about lung cancer research funding issues, and biographies of LCFA Co-Founders, Board members and Scientific Advisory Board members. If you would like more information regarding the Lung Cancer Foundation of America, or if you would like to arrange for interviews, please contact Rachel Schwartz at (310) 990-2764, or via e-mail at rachel@pr-a.biz.

Mission Statement(.pdf version)
LCFA History(.pdf version)
Lung Cancer Fact Sheet(.pdf version)
Lung Cancer Research Funding Issues(.pdf version)
LCFA Co-Founders(.pdf version)
LCFA Board Members(.pdf version)
LCFA Scientific Advisory Board(.pdf version)
LCFA Complete Press Kit – (.pdf version)

Press Releases:
LCFA Press Releases